The luxury of the spa experience requires refreshing creativity as well as an exact science to provide your customers with the ultimate beauty oasis.    Good health and comfort are essential elements of any beauty regimen. At GEHWOL, we have spent over 150 years creating therapeutic products using natural ingredients …Read More »
Topics that will be discussed: Intro to GEHWOL Foot Care: Product Knowledge with Nail Repair Reconstruction Demo/Hands On Product knowledge is a gift, come learn all you can about GEHWOL wide range of products that help with every condition of the feet, skin and nails. Expand your treatments with our Nail Repair …Read More »
Topics that will be discussed: Take your pedicure and manicure services one step forward with GEHWOL’S hands-on Deluxe Non-Soak Pedicure and Manicure. Focusing on the removal of calluses, you can eliminate the need to soak by using products designed specifically to help break the cell bond of dry skin. A comforting …Read More »